Diario Las Americas: Seek to integrate the South Florida

By Iliana Rodriguez Lavastida To view original article click here.

Posted on 01-24-2013

A comprehensive view of how to work the seven counties located in southern Florida, overlooking the future of its residents is the purpose of the two-day summit that took place in the Wolfson campus of Miami-Dade College.

The peculiarity of the meeting which is based on the preliminary Seven50, local authorities, civic leaders, experts on urban development, architects and researchers shared their experiences with each other and also called for the participation of people living in these areas, in order to complete a survey.

“The plan, said Dr. Jorge Guerra, president of MDC InterAmerican Campus-is based on the intention that integrated into a region, the counties of Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River be able to take into account the incidence in this geographical area of elements such as population growth, the effects of climate, sea level rise and even the possibility of occurrence of a major natural phenomenon, for on the basis of that knowledge , to design cities that we want and we must be “.

“When we provide means to analyze the types of construction sites to be built, cost study alternatives and other needs as provision of roads and transportation alternatives for name a few. ”

For this study, the group of experts headed by Sotheast Florida Regional Partnership, and the integration of more than 200 public and private participants, received a federal government grant that supports research.

Similar meetings that took place in Miami -Dade have been held every year for the completion of the project also includes the view of those who inhabit these places. ultimate goal in getting the project now and looking toward the next 50 years, the region southeast of the Florida is prosperous and desirable place to live, despite the fragile ecosystem prevailing in it and the socioeconomic reality that characterizes it.

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