Citistates Project Report for Southeast Florida

In 2000, the Miami Herald printed the Citistates Project Report for Southeast Florida drafted by the Collins Center for Public Policy.

The report authors, Neal Peirce and Curtis Johnson wrote similar reports for 19 other regions in the US. Together the reports composed the essential book, Citistates: How Urban America Can Prosper in a Competitive World. Neal Pierce continues his work as a member of the Seven50 consultant team.

Articles in the enclosed report include: The Rise and Fall of the South Florida City StateDoes More Growth Doom South Florida?  and Redesign, Restore US 1 to Grandeur. Readers can be encouraged by all that has been achieved since the writing of the report and the current pervasiveness of the ideas the report espouses. However, regional success is not a sprint or even a marathon, it is a multi-generational relay race and the report passes the torch.

To view and read the full article in PDF format, click the links below:

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

To view the article headlines (font is not large enough to read), see gallery below:

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