Inclusive Regional Leadership

Globally competitive, equitable, and sustainable regions require inclusive, well-informed, focused, and unified leadership that speaks with a single, clear voice. Effective regional leadership must draw from the public, private, and civic sectors; include diverse voices representing the region’s multitude of ages, ethnicities, races, and socioeconomic groups; and pay particular attention to those voices that traditionally have not been represented in regional processes.  The relative “newness” of the Southeast Florida region as an integrated economy, combined with the diversity and transitory nature of the region’s population, make identifying, developing, and retaining leaders a particular concern compared to more mature regions.

The Partnerships must incorporate a range of educational and collaborative strategies to create a vital network of regional leaders and champions who can guide the region through the choices of today to set the stage for the future; identify and develop emerging leaders who can guide the region tomorrow; and create more opportunities for involvement of leaders who have been underrepresented in the past.   As other regions have experienced, this civic capacity may be the single most lasting impact of this visioning process.