Seven50 Leadership Assets Map

Connecting the Region’s Civic Capital

Welcome to the Seven50 civic capital clearinghouse. The clearinghouse provides a way to map and connect with the region’s civic and nonprofit leadership organizations and networks within a geographic or topic area.
Click here to view the Seven50 Leadership Assets Map. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Filter: Simply click the colored boxes on the left hand side for the type of organizations or topic that you are interested in
  • Search: Type in the name of the organization of interest
  • Locate: Click on the map icon to learn more about the organization of interest

Quick tips:

  • Clusters:  As SE Florida is a large region, organizations are clustered together. Simply click on the cluster for more detail
  • Mapping views: Click on map or satellite view to change the perspective
  • Zooming: Zoom in and out of the map to view fewer or more  organizations

The assets map covers the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Climate Resiliency
  • Community Assets and Culture
  • Economic Development
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Environment/Natural Resources
  • Healthy Communities
  • Housing
  • Social Opportunity
  • Transportation
  • Other (faith-based, young professional organizations, or civic clubs, for example)
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    By adding your information and encouraging others to do the same, we will create a powerful tool for identifying and connecting the region’s civic and nonprofit leadership.

    • We encourage you to add your organization!

    We hope this serves as a useful resource to you.