April 10 Work Group Workshop Recap


On April 10 over one hundred people attended a hands-on workshop to create the Seven50 Regional Prosperity Plan and many more attended online. Workgroups met in four locations: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Fort Pierce and began drafting the seven-county, fifty-plus year plan for Southeast Florida. Work on the plan will continue and be presented at the next regional summit June 19 – 21. The third regional summit in June will provide another opportunity for work groups and the general public to weigh in on the future of the region.

We are pleased to present the draft data and input collected at the April 10th workshop.  The Consultant team has taken this information and used it to develop draft scenarios for your review and comment.  These scenarios will continue to evolve as additional input and direction is received from the Executive Committee and Partnership. Click here to review the draft data and draft scenarios.

Click here to download the webinar from the April 10, 2013 workgroup meeting.