Contribute to the Subsidiarity Report

Seven50 is an unprecedented opportunity to project a prosperous future for the seven counties of Southeast Florida. Sharing geography, climate and economic concerns, the region is influenced by government at the federal and state levels, as well as by decisions taken at county, municipal and more local levels.

To focus exclusively on the concerns that would benefit from regional decision-taking while supporting and not impeding higher or lower levels of governance, Seven50 is employing a principle of organization called “Subsidiarity”.

Subsidiarity is a theory of governance that seeks to assign power to the group most competent to make a decision – a decision that belongs more properly with it rather than with a dominant central organization. Subsidiarity devolves control to the least central or most local level able to effectively perform the given function.

The Subsidiarity Matrix illustrates this principle, assigning planning concerns to the various appropriate levels of government oversight (top line). The planning concerns (left column) have been derived from the Livable Communities goals of federal agencies that fund regional and local initiatives (HUD, DOT, EPA), and the State of Florida Chamber of Commerce Six Pillars of Economic Development. The blue column shows the concerns that might benefit from regional coordination, as distinct from federal, state or more local control.

The Subsidiarity Outline describes the regional concerns, and is structured as follows.  The observation states an issue that is a current concern.  Thediscussion presents the future trend. The recommendations are proposals for modifying the trend.

Your turn: What topic and sub-topic is of concern to you? What have you observed, what have you thought, and what recommendations would you like to make going forward to decision makers? In a sense Seven50 is “web-sourcing” to create a set of recommendations reflective of the wishes of people in the region.

It is hoped that this document will be the guide for coordinated initiative across the region in its shared goal of sustainable and resilient prosperity.


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