Seven50 Polling (Week 10-12)

Survey 4 - Question 1
How concerned are you with the long-term effects of global warming or global climate change?
Survey 4 - Question 2
Which of the following do you think would most improve the quality of development in your hometown?
Survey 4 - Question 3
Do you believe that a healthy environment, water supply and sustainable agriculture are necessary to achieve economic vibrancy?
Survey 4 - Question 4
As SE Florida’s population grows over the next 100 years, how should we accommodate the additional people?
Survey 4 - Question 5
Do you believe greater regional coordination could improve our region’s ability to mitigate & adapt to the region’s threats?
Survey 4 - Question 6
Local food: How important is it to ensure that there is enough farmland in the region to supply the current population with most of its food?
Survey 4 - Question 7
On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your personal quality of life today (10 represents highest possible quality of life, 1 represents worst quality of life)
Survey 4 - Question 8
On a scale of 1-10, by comparison, how would you rate your quality of life 5 years ago?
Survey 4 - Question 9
Based on current trends, as a best guess, how do you estimate your quality of life will be in the near future (about 5 years from now)?
Survey 4 - Question 10
Which county do you live in?
Survey 4 - Question 11
What is your age?
Survey 4 - Question 12
How many years you have lived in Southeast Florida?
Survey 4 - Question 13
Where do you live?
Survey 4 - Question 14
What is your gender?