Seven50 Polling (Week 16-17)

Survey 6- Question 1
Southeast Florida faces many challenges today, and many causes underlie these challenges. In your opinion, which are the primary challenges the seven counties face:
Survey 6- Question 2
Do you feel that standardized testing is useful in raising student performance, gauging teacher performance and promoting a well-educated workforce?
Survey 6- Question 3
What are in your opinion, the most important priorities for restoring our natural environment?
Survey 6- Question 4
Organic food: How important is it to you that agriculture adopt organic practices (avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification)
Survey 6- Question 5
Most people see both positive and negative aspects of change taking place in the seven counties. Based on your own personal feelings, do you believe future growth in the seven counties will make things better or make things worse?
Survey 6- Question 6
Which county do you live in?
Survey 6- Question 7
What is your age?
Survey 6- Question 8
How many years you have lived in Southeast Florida?
Survey 6- Question 9
Where do you live?
Survey 6- Question 10
What is your gender?