Seven50 Polling (Week 7-9)

Survey 3 - Question 1
What three factors do you feel are the biggest threats to forming a well-educated workforce? (choose up to three)
Survey 3 - Question 2
What should be the priorities for developing the regional economy and attracting talent? (choose up to three)
Survey 3 - Question 3
What would be the best way to accommodate the 20-year projected future population growth (approximately 2 million more people) of Southeast Florida?
Survey 3 - Question 4
Do you feel things in your own community today are going in the right direction or do you feel things have gotten off on the wrong track?
Survey 3 - Question 5
Pick the statement with which you most agree about transportation investments in the region today:
Survey 3 - Question 6
Would you support an additional gas tax per gallon if it could fund an efficient regional transit system and be accompanied by a reduction in property tax?
Survey 3 - Question 7
If you answered yes to the question above what amount would you be willing to pay per gallon?
Survey 3 - Question 8
How should we best address traffic congestion in the future?
Survey 3 - Question 9
What are the top three most effective leadership organizations you know of in your county or region?
Survey 3 - Question 10
What type of organization needs to lead the charge for implementation of regional solutions?
Survey 3 - Question 11
Which county do you live in?
Survey 3 - Question 12
What is your age?
Survey 3 - Question 13
How many years you have lived in Southeast Florida?
Survey 3 - Question 14
Where do you live?
Survey 3 - Question 15
What is your gender?