Seven50 Polling (Week 4-6)

Survey 2 - Question 1
We have plenty of room for growth in the seven counties and shouldn’t worry about cities spreading out as they grow
Survey 2 - Question 2
We should widen freeways and build new roads rather than invest in public transit and other alternatives to cars
Survey 2- Question 3
More investment today in public transportation will relieve future congestion problems in the area
Survey 2- Question 4
I prefer to live within walking distance of offices, stores, and other businesses
Survey 2- Question 5
Building more sidewalks and bicycle paths is part of the solution to the traffic congestion problem
Survey 2- Question 6
It is important to create walkable places where a variety of housing, retail, office and civic uses exist along with parks and transit connections
Survey 2- Question 7
In your opinion, Which threat linked to climate change poses the greatest threat to Floridians in the 7 county region?
Survey 2- Question 8
Below are opinions of two hypothetical SE Fla residents. Which opinion comes closest to your own? Mr. Smith believes that future growth should be strongly encouraged & fostered. Mr. Jones believes future growth should be strictly managed or limited.
Survey 2 - Question 9
What would help most to improve the quality of public education in SE FL?
Survey 2- Question 10
Would you be willing to pay a greater share of taxes in order to reduce classroom size, increase teacher pay and quality of instructors, and improve access to learning materials such as computers, supplies, and textbooks?
Survey 2- Question 11
If you had a shorter commute what would you do with your spare time?
Survey 2- Question 12
What do you think should be the focus of future transportation investment?
Survey 2- Question 13
Which county do you live in
Survey 2- Question 14
What is your age
Survey 2- Question 15
Where do you live
Survey 2- Question 16
How many years you have lived in Southeast Florida
Survey 2- Question 17
What is your gender