The Southeast Florida Equity Profile

An Equity Profile of the Southeast Florida Region


Over the last three years, the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership has been engaged in the development of the Seven50: SE Florida Prosperity Plan. Informed by the input and  direction of Partnership members and other stakeholders, data, and the Fair Housing Equity Assessment, this regional plan provides a framework for enhancing economic development and competitiveness, environmental sustainability, and communities through a focus on inclusion and access to opportunity.

As this regional effort transitions from vision to implementation, the work of charting a path of inclusive growth takes on renewed importance. The Southeast Florida Equity Profile provides an invaluable tool for the region’s public, private, nonprofit, philanthropic, civic, and community partners as it highlights in a compelling way the challenges and opportunities facing the region. This information will add to the ongoing work of the region’s leaders who are making strides toward ensuring that all residents – regardless of their race, ethnicity, birthplace, neighborhood of residence, or other characteristics – are fully able to participate in the region’s economic vitality and contribute to the region’s readiness for the future.

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