Treasure Coast Newspapers: Letter: Too early to decide whether to opt out of regional planning process

By Louise Kiernan  To view original article click here.

Letter: Too early to decide whether to opt out of regional planning process

I went to the website and read the information it provided. We are new residents to Indian River County (Vero Beach) and view our town as a semi-rural enclave within driving distance of more populated areas, should we desire to go. It is a fact that there is little in the way of jobs here unless you want to work in the retail or health industries.

I also read the opposing views of your guest columnists (Samuel J. Ferreri and Bob Solari) on Dec. 16. I did not find Solari’s opinion helpful, in that the only rationale he presented as to why we should not participate in Seven50 was to express the typical conservative fears of “big government” without providing any reason, other than his bias, for those fears. Solari’s argument would have been better served if he had stuck to laying out an argument as to how and why we should sustain this area as low-density for the next 50 years and how we would or would not be impacted by opting out when other counties do not.

Instead, he minimized the very reason why we like it here.

I would very much like to see the Vero Beach area remain a semi-rural community, and Ferreri states Seven50 is a work in progress. He also states counties will be able to express what they want to become. I believe it may be too early to opt out until we know better how it will impact our way of life, what officials see as the future for our area, and whether the benefits of opting in outweigh the potential pitfalls.

It may turn out to be a better option for the counties south of us, but it is too early to tell.

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